Kents Hill CLUTCH Club 2001:

Sarah Blazey, Lisa Duke, Phill Fox, Debbie Marchant and Carol Stubbs.

Stephanie Siu, Joyce Coyle, Celia Carlill helped get us going with help from Rachel Walmsley and Dawn Warren at the school.

Sarah and Carol
Very many thanks to Kents Hill First School for letting us park in the library.

Thank you to everyone who helped with web page content.

Mr Hooton, Mrs Edna Read, Jenny Gosper, Kirsten Dennis, Stuart Dennis, Milton Keynes Museum, Brian Giggins at Milton Keynes Council and the whole school for singing with such gusto.

Thanks to the Millennium Commission for funding this initiative. Extra special thanks to the good folks of The Living Archive and The Open University who make up the CLUTCH support team and without whom none of this would have been possible............... sounds like an Oscars awards speech!!

Put away those hankies and take a bow Sarah Sutcliffe who we all thank for bringing Rosie to life and showing us the way to the WWW.

Lisa and Phill
The team storyboarding the web site
The real Rosie Rabbit says very special thanks to all the families and loved ones of the Kents Hill CLUTCH Project team for letting us give up so much time whilst we made this web site.