To begin with there was no uniform and the children wore ordinary clothes to school.

Most people were too poor to pay for a uniform.

Until the 1920s, some girls wore white broderie anglais pinafore dresses to protect their clothes and these would have handkerchiefs safety-pinned to them.

By the 1930s, some girls wore gymslips to save their ordinary clothes.

In the early 1940s one lady remembers wearing a blue tunic and white blouse with woollen stockings and a liberty bodice and it was around this time that a uniform was introduced.

The uniform consisted of a black blazer with amber piping, a black and amber tie, grey skirt/trousers and grey cardigan or jumper.
There was also a black and amber school scarf and the blazer had the school crest in amber on the pocket.
In the 1940s and 1950s most children wore the school uniform although it was never compulsory.
By the 1960s very few children were wearing the uniform and it was considered to be quite all right to wear what you wanted to school.
Today, school uniform is an important part of school life that children are proud to wear. The original Wendover School is now three separate schools, each with it's own individual uniform, but the original black and amber school tie remains part of the uniform of Wendover Junior School to this day.
What colour are the uniforms of the three schools today?

Do you like wearing your uniform? Why?

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