Up until the 1950s, most people from Wendover spent their Summer holidays in the UK.

Seaside holidays were popular at places like Brighton, Weston-Super-Mare, Swanage and Paignton.

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Quite often, people stayed with relatives. They travelled by train or bus as many of them did not have their own cars.
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In the 1930s, the Wendover Scouts would have a giant rummage sale, raising money to send the Scouts to Jersey for a fortnight's camping holiday. They travelled by train to Weymouth and then by sea to Jersey. This was classed as "abroad" in those days and crowds gathered at Wendover Station to greet the scouts when they returned.

In the 1960s people started to go abroad more for their holidays to places like Spain and Guernsey. Although air travel was still rare, a former pupil of the school remembers her parents taking their car on an aeroplane in a freight plane.

When your parents and grandparents were children, where did they visit on their holidays?

Where do you go to on holidays?

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