Church Days

As the Wendover School was a Church of England school, the children often had visits from the vicar.
On Church feast days, they would proceed to St. Mary's Church along the Heron Path to celebrate with a Church service.

In the 1960s, the children had to carry their school chairs over their heads to the Church as there was not enough seating for both them and their parents!

Ascension Day:
Ascension Day remembers the day that Jesus went back up to Heaven after Easter. It was a popular celebration at the School. The children went to Church in the morning, bringing flowers to place on the graves. They then had the rest of the day off which was a real treat.

Victorian school days were quite harsh compared to the comfort that children enjoy nowadays in the school environment. There is no mention of parties to mark Christmas. For many years however, Mr Alfred de Rothschild gave a shilling to each child to mark the Christmas holiday. As the years went by, more efforts were made to celebrate Christmas in the school.

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