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The Reading Room was crowded again on Saturday for another dance in aid of 'The Welcome Home Fund' . A children's Christmas party, to which every child in the parish was invited, was much enjoyed. Mr Charles Pearce was Father Christmas.
Mrs George Deacon writes that the dance held on 19th January was organised by herself and Miss June Appleby for the three prisoners of war, namely C. Fleet, F. Sibley, and her ( the writer's ) son, Ralph, the share allotted to him to go to his dependents. It was also decided to give an equal share to the 'Welcome Home' fund.
On Saturday 27th April the tenth annual gymkhana was held .
Youthful rider taking a brush fence
Riders from all parts of Bedfordshire came to Husborne Crawley Gymkana, held in a field loaned by Mr W. Francis, on Saturday.

The standard of riding was high and the meet was marred only by one accident, when seven-year-old Thomas Smith, of Homeland Farm, Ampthill, took a fall and broke his elbow. He was awarded a special prize for being the best and youngest rider in the riding class. He was treated at the County Hospital and discharged on Monday.

A dance was held at the Reading Room on Saturday in connexion with the Youth Club.

The funeral of Mrs M. Page took place on Tuesday. The mourners were Mr and Miss Ivory (brother and niece ), Mr and Mrs W. Metcalf, Mrs B. Sibley ( who was at Crawley Hall as assistant for the first ten years Mrs Page lived there..
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