Reports of Village Life
in 1933
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The second Annual Garden competition was held on Monday evening. Mr Wallace, of Woburn Abbey gardens, was the judge, and he was accompanied by several members of the Parish Council, who organised the event. The prizes were again given by Mrs Mann - three for allotments and one for the best kept flower garden. The awards were as follows:- allotment, 1 Joseph Sibley, 2 Fred Yates, 3 Mrs Dickens; flower garden, 1 John Woods. The vegetables and flowers were in most cases of a good standard, and there was little to choose between the prize winning plots.
Crawley allotments next to the Bull
An unusual crop of maize or 'mealies' on the Crawley Park Estate, near the high road leading from Bedford to Aspley Guise, has for several weeks past caused a good deal of interest and many comments. The crop stands about eight feet high and the foliage is an outstanding feature.
Ralph Barnwell, Husborne Crawley, summoned for riding his bicycle without a light at Aspley Heath at 11.30 pm on 16th October, wrote that his bulb fused when he left Brickhill.
PC Sandell gave evidence and the defendant was fined 7/6.