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For many years both the Bedfordshire Times and the Woburn Reporter would report on events in the local villages. Here are some extracts based on the reports that appeared in 1963.
It was a long hard winter in 1963, many saying it was the worst in living memory.
A gentleman of the road camps
on the village green
In January 1963 Husborne Crawley Reading Room Committee welcomed new treasurer Mr ASkinner of Aspley Guise. It was reprorted that the Ministry of Education had made an offer of half the cost of the sanitary, heating and parking schemes in connection with the Reading Room. It is hoped to proceed at an early date.

In March new heating equipment was installed in the Reading Room as part of a memorial to
Dr H H Mann.
The winter of 1963 was one of the worst on record and snow, ice and frozen pipes were common place.

Due to the pipes in the Reading Room freezing then bursting causing flooding, the first meeting of the year of the Husborne Crawley W.I was held in the school. They returned to the Reading Room for their April meeting.

W.I in the school classroom