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Like so many in the village, Edith Peacock, was a keen supporter of the local team.

Edith Peacock:

We really used to support our football team. We'd go and watch the matches every week and stand there spinning our rattles and shouting support. If we saw any of the opposition kicking our boys, they'd be a riot! We'd have such fun. If it was an away match and there was room on the coach we'd go off to the away matches with them. Then at the end of the season, we used to do a dinner for the team in the Reading Room and whatever colour their strip had been that season, we'd get flowers called Pomp Daisies, and dye them the same colour to decorate all the tables.

My mum used to help out a lot too. After a match she would have a big tub ready in our barn so all the boys could come and have a bath and clean up after the match. She'd take all their dirty shirts and trousers and wash them so they'd be all ready for the match the following Saturday.

The caption reads:

Husborne Crawley finished a very successful season on Saturday by defeating Great Barford Reserves. They won the championship of Division III of the Bedford and District League. Here are the players and officials, left to right:
Back Row:
H. Green, B. Gilbert, B. Neale, C. Turney, N. Webb, G. Pearce, W. Neale, A. Seaby, C. Fleet, Mr. W. Peacock and Mr. E. Sibley

Front Row:
D. Turney, R. Page, T. Franconi (captain),
D. Healy and G. Cox

Success for the Crawley Team in the 1950's.