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Bill Bowler was born in 1908 and has spent many years playing football for
Husborne Crawley.

"I played for Husborne Crawley Football Team for years. In fact I played for them until I was 50! We weren't very successful. We never seemed to win anything for a long time!"
Husborne Crawley Football Team
in the 1930's
Bill Bowler, holds the ball
We just started playing "friendlies" at first when I was about 14, and then Herbert Battams and myself said we should go into the Bedfordshire League. It was about 1928 when we joined and we had a big dinner in the Reading Room to celebrate the occassion. But the only problem was it took us three years to win our first match! We did start winning eventually. My cousin Ben, also played for the team. He was their goal keeper for 11 years. He really loved playing football. He could tell you the score of any match he ever played."
Dinner Dance in the Reading Room to celebrate joining the Bedfordshire Football League
in the mid 1920's

Bill Bowler seated front row, second from right