A Life is Saved
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Husborne Crawley Lad's Bravery

Parishioners' Thanks for Saving Life

A pleasing ceremony took place in the Reading Room on Thursday evening in which practically the whole of Husborne Crawley was concerned. On 31st March, William Neale, a 14 year old village lad, saved the life of an Aspley child who had fallen into Crawley Brook, and was out of his depth and in imminent danger of drowning. The vicar interested himself in the case and tried to get the Royal Society's life saving medal. He failed to do this, but with the help of Mrs Rust and several of his parish workers raised a fund for the purpose of making suitable acknowledgement of Neale's bravery.

This resulted in Thursday's presentation. Prominent villagers amongst those present included Miss Collie, Miss Stone, the Misses Mossman, and Messrs. Collins (the lad's employer), Howkins, W. Dove, F. Barnwell and F. Bowler.

The Vicar said he had known Husborne Crawley for a long time, but no gathering he had attended had been more pleasing than the present, when they met to recognize the bravery of one of their own village lads. He called upon Mr. Viccars of Crawley House who, after some well-chosen remarks, presented to Willie Neale a silver zenith half-hunter watch with the lad's initials worked on the back, and inside the following inscription: "Presented to William H.C. Neale by the people of Husborne Crawley for saving a child from drowning on the 31st of March 1928".

The recipient thanked the Vicar and Mr Viccars, together with the parishioners, in a few simple but feeling words, which were warmly cheered by the villagers.

Mr Viccar's own gift, a very nice chain, was also handed to Neale, together with a list of subscribers' names, numbering about one hundred.

The rescued lad and his parents were present, and the latter expressed their pleasure that Neale had been rewarded for his heroic act.

The Inscription reads:
Presented to William H C Neale by the People of Husborne Crawley for saving a child from drowning.
31st March 1928.
Willie Neale in his 30's
The silver Zenith Half Hunter Watch