Village Life
in 1911
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For many years the Bedfordshire Times would dedicate a large section of its pages to news and events happening in the villages around the country. Husborne Crawley featured regularly. Here are some of the entries from the year 1911.
A parish meeting to discuss Coronation festivities was held on Monday evening at the Reading Room. There will be a special open air service, general sports and a free meat tea, the funds to be raised by subscriptions.

The annual vestry meeting was held on April 20th, and for the first time in the history of the parish a lady warden was appointed - Miss Mossman, of Elm Cottage, a well-known and popular worker in the parish.

The annual meeting of Charity Estate Trustees was held on Tuesday evening,
Mr W H Hogg presiding. The accounts showed that the income of this portion of the village charity amounted to £109 15s. 2d. Owing to the reletting of the farm more than £30 had been expended on repairs, but the new tenants, the Royal Agricultural Society, were paying £35 per annum more rent than the last tenant. In addition, R A S had themselves spent more than £100 on new buildings for the farm. Doles amounting to £34 had been paid out. Mr F Bowler applied for a premium for apprenticing his daughter, and
Mr C A Barnwell , the bakery tenant, interviewed with the Trustees with a view of getting them to accept him as tenant for a lease instead of his continuing as yearly tenant.

Mr Charles Barnwell