Miss Susan Collie
Husborne Crawley Resident
1920 - 1932
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Miss Collie came to live in Husborne Crawley in 1920 and remained in the village for the next 12 years, until her death on 13th June 1932, at the age of 71. During her time in the village, she became known as a very generous and respected benefactor to the village.

Before moving to Husborne Crawley Miss Collie had worked at the Bedford High School, first as a teacher in 1885 and then as Headmistress from 1899 until her retirement in 1919.

On the event of her death, The Woburn Reporter dedicated an entire page to her obituary and below are some extracts.
Miss Susan Collie
Crawley Hall on
Bedford Road as it is today
Miss Collie was born at Alderley Edge on 8th January, 1861. She was educated at Cheltenham's Ladies College and was one of the first women graduates at London University.
Public Work at Husborne Crawley

Miss Collie left Bedford in 1920 and went to live in Husborne Crawley and immediately became interested in the life of the village. She quickly won the esteem and affection of all classes, and the loss sustained by the village and district is very real. The intestests of the children had first place in her activities, although the aged and sick and poorer classes always had her practical interest and sympathy. For a number of years the chief event at Christmas was the Christmas tree. This was a gift to all the children in the village up to the age of 14, and her last public act was to come down to the Reading Room last December and present to the young people the gifts she herself had chosen.