Domestic Life
in the 1920's
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"When I was a bit older the Estate provided all the cottages with a range. They were black and took a lot of cleaning but it meant my mother could cook and boil water on that rather than an open fire".
"The Woburn" range provided by the Estate
"We didn't have bathrooms in the houses then of course. Every house would have an outside closet. The little children would have a bath in a zinc bath in front of the fire and the bigger children and adults would bath in the barns at the back of the houses. The water for this would be heated in the coppers that were in all of the barns. The coppers were big pans set in brick under which a fire would be heated to boil the water for washing clothes. The problem was that if you got the water too hot you'd then have to get dressed and go to the outside tape to get cold water to cool it down!"