Report of Village Life
in 1939
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The main road from Aspley Guise to Marston and Bedford was blocked for traffic from the Church End Corner for some time in the early days of this week and traffic was directed to the road leading from the village to the station. The cause was work of national importance going on in the area, on which a good deal of labour and machinery was engaged.
The Green Crawley
The last of the old Charity Cottages has been vacated, the tenant having been found a much more comfortable house. Most of the older villagers remember the time when the block housed three families.
The condition of the vicar's health at the week-end caused a good deal of anxiety, and the ringing of the Bedfordshire Change-Ringers' Association was curtailed in consequence. Although better, Canon Rust was kept in bed on Sunday.
The Vicaridge
The death of Mrs Hobbs, of the Fruit Farm, Husborne Crawley, took place on Tuesday evening after a short illness. Mrs Hobbs, who was in her ninetieth year, was the oldest woman in the village. She came to the village as bride to Mr William Hobbs and lived at Crawley Park Farm for a long period. She was esteemed by all the villagers and held in affection by a large circle of friends. Mrs Hobbs was a district visitor for Church End for many years, and although she brought up a large family was always active in church and social life.
Entrance to Crawley Park