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The following reports of events in Husborne Crawley, appeared in the Bedfordshire Times during 1914.
In connection with the Navel disaster we learn that Mr. Rowberry, the attendant at the (Crawley) Swimming Baths and Waterworks, a Naval reservist called out at the commencement of the war, was on HMS "Cressy". A strange coincidence is that Stanley Stapleton, second son of
Mr and Mrs A Stapleton, is on the "Lowerstoft" the ship that played such an important part in rescue work.
One of the the young men that failed to get in the RAMC on Monday, Walter Chance, succeeded in getting in the Territorials the following day.
Charles Cooper, who is in the 2nd Beds, and has spent 3 years in South Africa, reached home on Wednesday for a couple of days' leave before rejoining his regiment, which leaves for the front next week. He looks well, and states he hope to be in Berlin at an early date. He and his mates were all anxious to get in the firing line.
Monday's list of missing from HMS "Cressy" included the name of A L Rowberry, Petty Officer. Mr Rowberry, who left the village the first week of the war, was previously in charge of the water works and baths. He was a fine manly fellow, highly respected in the neighbourhood. He left a wife and one child.
Last week-end Mrs Tansley, the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Dove, received news that her husband, Bandsman Tansley, of the Royal Berks, was wounded on the 22nd. He was going on well.