Miss E A Sharp
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One pupil who remembers the strict traditional ways of Miss Sharp was former pupil Bill Bowler. Unfortunately he did not shine under her supervision.
"I started school in 1913 when I was 5 and was a pupil at Crawley School until about 1922. The Headmistress was Miss Sharp. We used to call her Betty Blunt. Unfortunately we didn't really get on that well together. When she retired a Miss Smith came from Aspley Guise who knew more than Miss Sharp did and when it came time for me to leave, Miss Smith went to see my Dad and said, "Let your son stop another 12 months cos I could do him the world of good". That was because with Miss Sharp so long as we read the Bible and all that, then she felt everything was going all right."
School Group in 1916
Bill Bowler is in the centre of the back row with a wide white cotton collar