Valerie Breedon (nee Bowler) Husborne Crawley Pupil
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"When I started at Husborne Crawley there were only 11 pupils. All the children came from Crawley apart from one girl who cycled every day from Hulcote. We only had one teacher and that was Mrs Lawrence. She used to live with her husband in one end of the building as that was the school house then. There was a parlour and kitchen downstairs and bedroom upstairs. In the six years I was at school I can never remember a day when she wasn't teaching. I don't know what would have happened if she had been sick.
Val Bowler with David Horne
In 1953 the school at Salford closed down and all the children from there joined us at Husborne Crawley. There were 11 extra children taken on so then a second teacher came to the school to teach the little ones. Her name was Miss Bland.

After the Salford children joined us, we started having hot dinners for the first time. A van would come everyday from the kitchens, which I think were at Stewartby.

One thing I do remember well was the boys and girls earth closets which were in a separate building behind the school, right next to the fence of Mr. Collins field. Mr. Collins used to keep an enormous bull and sometimes it would be stood right next to the closets with its head hanging over the fence. I was so frightened of that bull that I'd only go if I absolutely had to!"