Millennium Tapestry
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In 1999 schools were invited to participate in the creation of a Millennium Tapestry. Almost 200 schools contributed to the exhibition.
Husborne Crawley's section of the Millennium Tapestry
Each school was presented with a basic kit - a metre square of tapestry canvas and a selection of wools. Each school was also given a theme to represent. Husborne Crawley Lower School was asked to depict 'Learning in the Countryside'. The children were all asked to paint pictures to convey their thoughts on that theme. Common aspects from all of these paintings were gathered into a list to include on the tapestry. To incorporate all of these, it was decided to have a 3D image of the school at the centre, within a range of fields viewed from the school during the different seasons. Fields therefore showed poppies, autumn trees, grass, bare earth, and crops such as linseed and hay. The children decided on the colours and stitches themselves, and so many new techniques were learnt. The children chose to add detail to the fields, and therefore a mouse, mushrooms, a tractor, flowers, a butterfly, insects and a horse are also on view.

On completion, the tapestry was sent off to the organisers. The Millennium Tapestry squares now tour the country. They have been on "Blue Peter", on show in the Westminster Chapel, in Scotland and in Lancashire. A "virtual" tapestry was exhibited within the Learning Experience at the Millennium Dome. Plans are underway for the Tapestry to tour Europe. Postcards have been made of each square. Eventually the square will return to the school and will be displayed there.
Pupils of class II with the Tapestry