Catherine Lewis
Headteacher 1980-85
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Another memory, among many, is of the 1983 General Election, when, as in every election, the school was used as a polling station. There was a hoax bomb scare and we had to evacuate the main building for an hour or more. Shades of the times in which we now live, alas!

The school played its full part in the life of Husborne Crawley village - along, of course, with the church and the pub. The Reverend Huband took weekly assemblies for us, and arranged Christingle services in the church, where we also performed our Nativity plays with all the children participating. Every summer there was the church fete, held in the grounds of Crawley Park by courtesy of Mr Lousada. Our children contributed to the entertainment by displays of Scottish country dancing on the lawn - a very arduous activity on grass! Harvest festivals were another annual event, and the children took harvest gifts to the elderly residents. We were grateful, to the successive landlords of the pub ( The White Horse ). They gave us much appreciated support, arranging firework displays in November and barbecues in the summer. We were glad to make our little swimming pool, where most of the children were helped to swim before they moved on to middle school, available to all Husborne Crawley residents. I gather the swimming pool is now no more. Nor is the mobile infant unit.
The White Horse pub in School Lane
Pupils having fun playing in the snow
covered playground.
The swimming pool is in background.
There is much more I could add about the enjoyable years at Husborne Crawley - the many functions arranged by the PTA; the WI and the fun we had rehearsing dramas and presenting them in the village Reading Room; visits to the Safari Park and the Abbey woods at Woburn; the kindly Murrer brothers - real characters! - who did odd jobs around the school; and so much more.
It gave me great pleasure when I was invited to a recent occasion at the school to find it in such flourishing form. Village schools are now seeing better days, after long periods of austerity. A thriving school is an essential part of a thriving community. Husborne Crawley School is one of those. Long may it continue! Catherine Lewis