Bill Bowler
Husborne Crawley Pupil
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There were only three girls from school who used to come, two I remember were Daisey Sibley and Edie Fleet. So if you didn't have a girl you had to dance with a chair.

They used to do all those fashionable waltzes at that time and our teacher always used to say, "If you could do the waltz, then that was all you needed. You would never be afraid to walk out on any dance floor." And he was quite right, it all comes from that and it goes with you. I remember the teacher said to me, "You'll be all right, you've go the rhythm." And that was how I learnt to dance.
Bill Bowler in 2001
aged 93
Bill Bowler in 1923 with some of the girls from his dance classes
When I was older we used to go to dances a lot, particularly at Woburn. We did the "Black Bottom" and then there was the "Rumba" that came along a bit later. We did have some good bands play at Woburn then. People would walk from Aspley, Woburn Sands and all over to go. One band I remember that was really good was the "Frivolities" who came from Stony Stratford. They were made up of a piano, 3 piano-accordion players and saxophone player. We really enjoyed those dances".