Marriage of
Dorothy Bowler and
Frederick Cotchin

30th June 1945
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"My wedding dress of silver lame, came from Richard Shops in London. I think it cost me £14.00. My mother said that was an awful lot of money for something I would only wear once!
On my wedding day I went to church by Sibley's taxis. I remember my sister had to come on after me because she had to stay behind to fix a ladder in her stockings. We did laugh about that! I remember very clearly as I walked up to the church door feeling really elated and thinking, "This is it and everything is going to be alright".

Our reception was held at the Reading Room. My husband's family being Methodist meant we had no alcohol but I suspect my family went on to the Bull afterwards and had a drink or two there.

Fred and I went to Southgate for our honeymoon. Goodness me, all those years ago. We were married for 42 years.

The Wedding Group outside St James Church