The Millennium Yew
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Like many villages throughout the country, the New Millennium was commemorated in
St. James Church yard by the planting of a new yew tree. Many parishoners of Husborne Crawley gathered to watch Cannon Kenneth Habermyl, make the ceremonial planting of this very young and tiny Taxus baccata in the churchyard of St James in site of the church tower. I must add here that the yew was no taller than six inches.

The reasoning behind planting a yew is that they are among some of the oldest living plants and it is quite possible that a yew planted in the time of Christ could still be with us today. In days gone by yews were often planted in churchyards to ward off evil spirits.

Were you there on this occassion? Do you have a photograph of the planting? If so please contact us via our Guestbook as we would be delighted to find a picture to display on this page.