Christening of
Thomas and Conor Hart
1992 and 1995
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Thomas Ashley Hart was born on 16th September 1992 and was christened in Husborne Crawley church in November of the same year. The vicar who took the service was Kenneth Habermyl. It was a crisp bright day and the service was attended by relatives from accross the country. Thomas now attends the local school along with his younger brother Conor. Conor Joseph Hart was born on 13th April 1995 and was christened in the summer of the same year.

Both boys had strong links with Husborne Crawley school before they could even walk as their grandmother worked at the school.
Conor as a baby, is "topic of the day" at school
Conor's Christening
13th August 1995
Thomas's Christening 29th November 1992