Marriage of
Valerie Bowler
and Clifford Breedon
30th November 1963
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Valerie Breedon

"I was born in Husborne Crawley in 1944 and lived at 10 Horsepool Lane until 1963 when I married at the age of 19 and moved with my husband to Woburn Sands.

I first met my husband when I was 15 years old. I remember noticing him when he came into the Reading Room for the 'football-bingo' event that we used to have after the football matches. I also remember being impressed by his lovely blue scooter that he had parked up outside. We were to make good use of that scooter travelling between Woburn Sands and Husborne Crawley during our courting years.

When I first took Cliff home to meet my family, I remember my Dad looking at him and saying, "You're the fellow who doesn't keep in the right position on the football field," and my Dad should know as Husborne Crawley used to have a thriving village football team and my dad Ben, had been their goal keeper for 11 years.

On our wedding day, I remember being so pleased with the way everything had gone. I had four bridesmaids and we all wore matching outfits. I bought the material from Rowland Fabrics in Woburn Sands. The material cost me £5.00 and the bridesmaids' dresses cost £2.50 each. My dress was made of heavy white brocade and I wore a diamante and pearl coronet. My bouquet was made of red rose buds.

I was taken to the church in a Philip Sibley taxi. I reckon every bride there's ever been in Husborne Crawley was taken to church in a Sibley taxi. I remember too there being lots of well-wishers outside the church. You knew everyone in the village then and so everyone would want to come to either your home or the church to watch and wave and wish you well.

We had 80 guests at our wedding, which was too many for the Reading Room, so instead we had our Reception in the Parish Hall in Aspely Guise. My mother put a lot towards the Reception. She had been saving her Co-Op Divi's for 25 years and cashed in the whole lot in one go to put towards the cost of the Reception.

We were married by Mr Bache and for our honeymoon we had our first ever trip to London and stayed two nights at a posh hotel. It cost us £11.00. We've still got the receipt!"