Marriage of
Lily Battams amd
Frank Burgoyne
9th July 1933
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On 9th July 1933 the wedding took place of Lily Battams of
45 Turnpike Road and Frank Burgoyne of 55 School Lane. The Bedfordshire Times gives the following account of their wedding day.
A wedding of much interest took place at Husborne Crawley Church on Saturday. The parties were Miss Lily Irene Battams, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs E Battams, and Mr Francis Leonard Charles Burgoyne, nephew of Mr and Mrs Ernest Redding. Both are well known and greatly esteemed in the neighbourhood. The bridegroom is chief chauffeur at Mr Sibley's garage at Aspley Guise, and both have been closely connected with the social life of the district.
The church was well filled with friends of the families. The service was conducted by the
Rev A Rust (vicar) and was choral. The bride was given away by her brother, Mr Herbert Battams, well known in League football.

She wore an ankle-length gown of white satin and lace, with white satin shoes. She had a bridal veil with wreath of orange blossom and also a string of pearls, and carried a sheaf of Madonna lilies, the gifts of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids were
Miss Lily Anderson (cousin) and Miss Margery Battams (sister). Both wore ankle-length gowns of rose pink elephant crepe, with white hats and silver shoes. They wore pink crystal necklets and carried bouquets of pink and white sweet-peas and fern, the gifts of the bridegroom.
Mr Edward Sibley and his taxi
The best man was Mr Fred Titmas, of the Royal Navy. The church bells rang changes after the service.

The reception was held at the Reading Room, where more than eighty guests assembled. The honeymoon is being spent in Kent.
The Reading Room