Crawley Brook Run
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Husborne Crawley is really two places "Husseburne" meaning a stream and "Crawley" meaning a clearing frquented by crows. The stream, or brook as it is known, runs from its source in Woburn and continues to Moulsoe where it joins the Ousel. The brook runs right through Crawley and the phrase "That is as crooked as Crawley Brook" was often to said to children when something was not as straight as might have been.

The water in the brook was very clean and within the last century watercress was grown in it. The local midwife used to go down to the brook and pick cress and give it her mothers to be.

In the 1980's the brook had another use, to raise money for charity. Bill and Anne Cox of the Wheatsheaf Public House in Aspley Guise raised large amounts of money for charity by various means, one of which was 'The Brook Run'. The idea behind the brook run was the particpants, who all obtained sponsors, started in the brook at Crawley and ran through it to Horsepool Lane in Aspley Guise where they left the brook and ran back to the pub for a well deserved drink (after being hosed down by the landlord, Bill Cox). The run was well supported and great fun to do.
Starting out on the Brook Run
Tony Wilson the winner of Brook Run
Bill Cox,
Landlord of the Wheatsheaf
Cutting from local paper showing amount raised by locals of the Wheatsheaf.