Dick Turpin
Dick Turpin was an notorious 18th Century Highwayman, whose exploits were carried out along Watling Street, before he was caught and executed in York, in 1739.

So, was he active on Watling Street at Little Brickhill? Just off the road there is a cave which is known as Dick Turpin's cave.

Did he hide or leave his booty here?

We don't know!

Was this Dick Turpin's cave off Watling Street, Little Brickhill?
Dick Turpins Seat - a Story from Gt Brickhill
The man who used to be responsible for mowing the cricket pitch found his task was made much more difficult by the presence of three stones at one side of the pitch. These got in the way of the mower. He was determined that these should go.

One evening he and a couple of friends went up to the cricket pitch with the intention of breaking up the stones. As they started their task one of the friends decided he had better consult Sir Everard Duncombe to see if what they were doing was okay. The friend was gone quite a while, so two of them made good progress in breaking up the first of the stones by the time he returned.

Sir Everard says that under no circumstances should any of the stones be touched, as Dick Turpin reputedly sat on one of them.

One stone still remains on the Cricket field.