Great Brickhill School
High Ash School Today
In 1965 plans for the proposed primary school were presented and examined by Great Brickhill Parish Council. Today's school, opened in 1967, is sited, at the top of Rotten Row on Pound Hill.

At the site of the school gates, there used to be a large hollow Ash Tree, from which came the name High Ash. We are told this tree was filled in with bricks and concrete to prevent local children from playing in it.

The current school buildings have been extended and altered several times since it opened to accommodate increasing numbers of pupils. Surprisingly, numbers have fluctuated over the years. When the school opened in 1967 there were 56 pupils, this rose to around 180 in 1979. By 1986 the numbers had dropped to 110 before rising to over 260 in 1998. Pupil numbers are now around 250.

In 1975 Great Brickhill Parish Council commented on the question of the dangerous parking situation outside the school. At that time it was the dangers brought about by the parking of coaches and cars on the brow of Pound Hill and by the junction of Green End with Rotten Row. Also the increasing traffic through the village, was giving inadequate attention to the school signs. As a result, it was decided, that with effect from the Autumn Term, the school buses would set the children down in Green End as they still do today. A general increase in the use of the car, both from the pupils who live in the village and those coming to Great Brickhill from outside, mean there is still concern. Currently the school is trying to implement a 'Travel Plan' which will require cars parking in the Village Hall car park. The children would then be met by a lollipop person who will ensure the safe crossing of Pound Hill into school.

The current curriculum is varied and follows the National Curriculum, and many children attend after school and lunchtime clubs. This is quite different from the earlier years, when it seemed they only concentrated on the 3 R's, supplemented by tree grafting for the boys, and sewing and knitting for the girls!