Watling Street
A Short History
Watling Street Lt. Brickhill, c.1950
(by permission Buckinghamshire County Council, Records Office)
Watling Street (now the A5) runs directly through Little Brickhill on its route from London to Chester, and since it was built by the Romans approximately 2000 years ago, it has brought many people and events to the village.

Just as famous engineers were involved in the building of the other two of "High Ash's Highways", the Grand Union Canal and the London & Midland Railway, Thomas Telford, one of the most famous engineers of his time, was responsible for the realignment of the A5 at the North end of the village over one hundred and fifty years ago. Along with this realignment the gradient of the road was also improved with the construction of a long embankment, and a more suitable surface for the traffic using the road provided.

In 1992 a new bypass was opened and reduced the traffic through the village from 20,000 vehicles a day to just a handful. For most villagers this was a great relief.

The A5, Little Brickhill Bypass, June 2001
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