Here are extracts from the school log recording how important health issues were in the early 1900's. The Doctor and Health Visitor regularly checked the children, and the whole school closed when cases of diptheria and whooping cough were discovered.

Jan 8th The Underwood family away with Scarlet Fever.
Rev. G W Pearce (School Manager) and trustee of Wells Charity died 26.12.1899 of the flu with developed pneumonia.

Feb 12th
Weather severe for several days. Past the time between 9 and 10am repeating
hymns, tables and exercises and singing in rounds with a special view to keeping the children warm. School closets are kept with a regular supply of dry ashes and disinfectants.

July 25th Whooping Cough.
Managers decided to close school early due to whooping cough for harvest Holidays earlier than normal on 27.7.00 (5 weeks).

Sept 3rd Re-opens - poor attendance due to feast week some still at work and whooping cough.

Nov 11th Nelly, Elsie and Ernest Watts away all week as Nelly has Diphtheria.


Jan 10th Weighing machine and measuring apparatus received and used throughout the day.

Jan 17th Weighing machine taken away.

Feb 21st Mr Buxton - influenza and pleurisy.

Mar 17th Mr Buxton returned.

Apr 4th School floor washed during Easter holidays.

Apr 25th
Received pamphlets on TB.

May 11th Floor washed during holidays.

School floors washed and offices cleaned during Xmas holidays

Mar 8th Notice received that Dr Williams will attend school at 11.30am on Friday 10th March to medically inspect the children over 12 years.

Mar 10th Dr Williams medically inspected 4 boys and 5 girls. Very pleased with physique and teeth but recommended to clean teeth daily and sleep with bedroom window open.

May 19th Wrote to County Ed. Med. Officer as attendance very bad due to sickness and coughing seems like and epidemic of whooping cough.

May 22nd Dr Williams visited to see some of sufferers.

May 27th Secretary Educ. Off. Aylesbury - letter stating that school to be closed for 2 weeks (May 29- June 12th) due to prevalence of Whooping Cough.

Feb 28th -Mar 15th
Bad attendance due to influenza.


Jan 15th
Nurse visited this afternoon and examined childrens heads. One child Kathleen Cook to be excluded.

Mar 11th Medical inspection by Dr Digby White in afternoon of Group D & C

May 2nd Medical inspection by Dr Digby White - Leslie Johnson & Alice Hill ordered by Dr. to see Dr burrows Bletchley on Thursday May 9th at 1.30pm

May 9th Leslie & Alice taken to Doctor, Mrs Bond Wavendon House, drove them. She has accepted place on the care committee.

June 5th Distributed about 60 leaflets from County Health on The Importance of plenty of sleep for children - one to each family. Dr Bradbrooke (Oculist) visited school & examined the eyes of 11 children.

June 21st Notified to MO several cases of suspected measles.
Had telegram from Dr Hogarth to Exclude the 20 children in 111 class who have not had measles - did so in afternoon.

June 25th MEASLES : Received a telegram from Education Secretary (3.40pm) - C G Watkins esq. Close School forthwith : letter follows. The letter states: School to remain closed until 15th July.

July 15th Managers decided that school remain closed until 24th subject to approval of Ed Committee

Oct 7th Mrs Buxton ill am.

Oct 15th Nurse Eastwood visited this morning. Nellie Garner, Kathleen Cook and Dolly Butcher were ordered to be excluded - hair unsatisfactory.

Oct 18th Mrs Buxton not been able to be at school since Oct 9th.

Nov 8th Register marked and closed by 9.30am. School will close at 11.30am. No school p.m. as Mrs Buxtons funeral is this afternoon.
Mrs Buxton was buried this afternoon in Wavendon churchyard. Schoolchildren with Miss Lloyd attended and threw flowers on her grave.

Nov28th Wet day - attendance below 60% Register not marked many away with influenza
Dec 5th Telegram from Education Secretary, Aylesbury to close school forthwith on account of influenza until Monday Dec 16th.


Schools had regular medical inspections from Doctors and nurses.


May 7-11 Several children off with influenza

Oct 8th First case of Diphtheria. Eileen Wilsons family secluded.

Oct 25th Betty Jackson died of Diphtheria, school bought a cross for her funeral.

Nov 12th Dr Bailey M.O. for health Newport Pagnel visited re: Diphtheria. Took swabs of Katherine Kings throat. Came back on the 15th checked every child, all were negative but by Dec 17th new cases of diphtheria. Phillpots wrote to Education department. School closed till Jan 11th but extended till Jan 17th 1921.

This was reported in the North Bucks Times on Tuesday 4th January 1921 when the Sanitary Committee's report recommended that the Clerk send a protest against the loss of the attendance grant where schools are closed in the consequence of infectious disease, and on Tuesday 1st Februaey 1921 where it was confirmed that there would be no loss of grant owing to the closure of the school due to the diptheria outbreak.

Miss Jackson, who is now in her eighties recalls how she was confined to her bedroom with her brothers and sisters for 3 months. She still remembers the lovely fragrance of some fresh snowdrops that a neighbour passed through an open window, on the end of a broom. The same neighbour had to support her on her first walk up the lane after her confinement, as her legs were very weak.


Started delicing children, this took about a week.


Oct 29th Dr bailey (School DR>) Examined children born in 1912 also special cases and retarded children.

June 1st class 27 not had measles
2nd class 10
3rd class 1

School regularly disinfected during school holidays, They used a contractor to do this, sometimes he didnt turn up when he was supposed to, but school was disinfected at least once a year. No specific reason given.

June 2nd Notice of a centre for treatment of Tonsils and adenoids set up in Newport Pagnel. Had a listof our children who were affected but none of the parents gave consent to it.

Physical Education became an important element of the children's education. Leslie Stephen of Manor Farm offered the school the use of his field for the children, and donated a football. In 1911 the girls started playing tennis on the school tennis courts.