The church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, (known as St. Marys) is situated in the centre of Wavendon village and is the oldest surviving building.
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Many of the stained glass windows are in memory of the Hoare family (famous family bankers) and the Burney family.

Henry Burney had been the rector until 1893. His successor the Rev. Barrington H.A. Philpotts, served until 1947. There is a large ornate plaque behind the small Walker organ honouring him. The Walker organ, is commemorated to Henry Buxton, organist and choirmaster1889-1924.
Above the North door is a tablet to the Wavendon Coal and Fuel charities and to the left of this is an elaborate carved mural monument, in memory of George Wells Esq., who bequeathed £800 for a charity school.

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