The Energy World Exhibition
Energy Park

March 1992
There were 2 sites completed by Milton Keynes Housing Association.
The energy efficiency house rate of 9.0 provides solar design and 50% space heating.

Energy world exhibition

Opened to public in 1986 it has 50 low energy efficiency houses and attracted vistors from all over the world.

The vistors viewed low energy cost houses All the the houses were of high standard energy performance.

In the exhibition there were builders and designers not only from the UK but also from Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Finland. They were involved in development of houses and shared ownership apartments.

Some of the houses were build in brick and others were timber frame. The houses were different sizes and styles.
All the flats are 1/2 bedroom flats with special low energy economy 7 system.

Some houses had a conservatory as the entrance and others had a conservatory facing back garden. These houses had the advantage of gaining heat when sun shines The heat flows around the house.

Energy Park
Energy Centre

Wasintended to provide information on energy and customer services. It is also used for education purposes as well as attracting vistors and exhibitors from all over the world. An estimated 360,000 vistors were expected at the Energy Centre each year.