Shenley Lodge Community

Shenley Lodge is a community which was built and developed on farmland, and is an area in Milton Keynes. The Roman road of Watling Street runs past Shenley Lodge.

The oldest building in Shenley Lodge is the “Old Beams”. This was built around 1600, called East Green Farm. For a time the farm was called Shenley Lodge and that is where the area inherited its name.

Today the “Old Beams” is an extremely popular restaurant and bar. Local residents remember fondly when the farm hosted its annual fete and villagers could have donkey rides and swim in the outdoor swimming pool.


In 1972 came the increase in oil prices. Milton Keynes Developement Coorporation took the initiative in hosting a permanent exhibition of 50 houses. The streets were named after famous scientists and great pioneers of our time. The development brief stated it was necessary for each house to be at least 30% more energy efficient than similar houses at that time.

Shenley Lodge was further developed with more energy efficient housing in many areas, and local people now have experienced the financial savings and have enjoyed the experience of piloting new initiatives in energy efficiency.


A windmill was erected as part of the exhibition which powered 8/10 houses. Unfortunately this is no longer there and was taken away in 1999 or 2000.

Click here to view wind turbine animation.


The community was developed by lots of local people getting together at the Meeting Place.

There was an old community house in the area, and the local “Windmill Lodge Playgroup” was established by a group of mums who had got together.

A competition was held and it was won by Catherine Barrett for a sign for the Meeting Place.
There was a barbeque and party atmosphere when the sign was erected.


The Meeting Place is independently run by a Management Committee made up from local people. The Meeting Place is not operated from Milton Keynes Council.

This is a community facility in Shenley Lodge for use by local people. Regular users are:-

Playgroup Monday - Friday 9.00-12.30pm
Shenley Christian Fellowship - Sunday 6.00-9.30pm
Elan Vital - Friday 7.00pm -
Bosom Pals (Breast Cancer Support Group) 1st Tuesday in the month.
The Meeting Place is often hired for parties, christenings and weddings.

Management Committee member is Mrs Joan Stewart 01908-676155.

The Caretaker is Theresa Kelly 01908-393352 who takes bookings for the Meeting Place.

The Committee in the early days organised fete’s, and many events locally. As the current committee have been in position for sometime. They wondered if new residents, or older ones who have been involved in the past would like to come along and get involved in the Community again.

This is a fantastic opportunity to continue the good work and recreate the atmosphere of the early days of Shenley Lodge. This is a fabulous Community Resource that needs volounteers to ensure it’s success.