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The earliest references to the Saracen's Head were in 1484 when it and some land were given to the town for the upkeep of the town's bridges, the highways, the Parish Church and relief of the poor, by Richard Reade and Ralph Hobbes.

During the Civil War, Samuel Luke the Parliamentary Governor had his headquarters at the Inn. A Committee also used the Inn to collect taxes and money from Royalists to fund the war.

The Saracen's Head was no longer an Inn when John Odell Bought the premises in 1860. There were shops downstairs. These were Mr Egan's

The photograph shows the site of the Saracen's Head, with the Swan Revived to the left. At this time the premises had been the Co-op, but had just closed.
tailor's shop, Simpsons the printers and Riches the bootmakers. These were destroyed in the Great Fire in 1880. The property was rebuilt in 1881 By Richard Sheppard for John Odell.