Church of

St Peter and St Paul

John Weever's Ancient Funeral Monuments (1631)

"In the North aisle of the parish-church of Newport-painell in Buckinghamshire, in the yeare 1619 was found the body of a man whole and perfect; laid downe, or rather leaning downe, North, and South: all the concavous parts of his body, and the hollownesse of every bone, as well as ribs as other, were filled up with sollid lead. The skull with the lead in it doth weigh thirty pounds and six ounces, which with the neck-bone, and some other bones (in like manner full of lead) are reserved, and kept in a little chest in the said Church, neare to the place where the corps were found; there to be showne to strangers as reliques of admiration. The rest of all the parts of his body are taken away by Gentlemen neare dwellers, or such as take delight in rare Antiquities. This I saw."