Rob Alcock - Who allowed me to share his research as well as allowing me to have access to photograph and other valuable item from the fire stations collection.

Edward Bailiss - who thought we were bored with his wonderful reminiscences of old Newport! How wrong could a person be?

Mark Bryant - from the Swan Revived, who took Rosanna on a guided tour of the hotel and allowing her to photograph the Jacobean Staircase.

James Cooper - for the photo's and copy of the history of W. J. Cooper's and for the hand delivered photo of himself, his father William and brother Peter.

Peter Cooper - for allowing me to visit him and providing photo's and newpaper clippings, along with a copy of the auction notice in 1875.

Jonathan Harrison - Special collections Librarian, St John's College, Cambridge, who arranged for the 'lead head' to be photographed, and sent some information on it.

Connie Hilton - for agreeing to be interviewed on tape, and talking about the fascinating life of Odells. For lending some excellent 'recent' photographs of Odells.

Brian Hunt - who lent some fabulous photographs of older prints, particularly of the Church and the Swan. For lending his Restoration Appeal file and for mentioning Connie Hilton as a good lead for Odells.

Jack and Peggy King - for allowing us to record their memories of Newport High Street and the photo's and letter they allowed us to borrow.

Bob Lock - For being willing to talk to me about his time as a Newport Pagnell fireman, and being a joy to listen too.

Hercur Mc Gregor - owner of The Bucks Standard, for permission to use the photographs of Miss World and the Colemans Stage Coach.

Dennis Mynard and Don Hurst - for allowing me to quote from their 'One more for the Road' book.

Richard Odell - who was very informative on the history of the Newport Pagnell Branch of his family. For giving us a copy of the Citizen feature and lending us some valuable photographs.

Michael Pratt - the generosity of whom had no bounds. He was very generous with his precious prints and post-cards, his scrap-books and his wide knowledge.

Ron Spenleff - For always being willing to help when ever called upon. Incidentelly he also runs our local police station museum along the High Street. Well worth a visit.

Stephen Taylor - for openly offering information on Taylors and access to his collection of photographs used in the project.