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These are some accounts of pond memories that Joan remembers very well.
I can remember once bringing water which we all had to do. That's the reason the ponds were there to water the gardens. This particular day we found this wonderful little ornament in the bottom of the watering can as we were watering. That was quite a thrill too. It just looked like a little tiny lady about 2" high, all white, probably because it had been in the pond a long time. Sitting on a chamber pot with a shawl round her head.
During the school expeditions we were walked from the Aylesbury street schools. We walked up in pairs, crocodile style. We were allowed to take fishing nets, jam jars with string round the top to carry them with. We were encouraged to search for newts, water spiders, water boatmen, beetles, and special weeds. When we got back to school we had to write about it and answer questions.
Normally you was at the allotments with your father. Your father was normally digging, when you dig you find worms. So we collected the worms. We had second piece of string, the jar with the string, piece of string, piece of stick and we chopped the worms in half and tied them on the string. It was no trouble at all to catch newts - great fun.
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