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What do they know of Wolverton,

Just glancing from a train?

They've never been on Happy Morn

Nor roamed down Black Snail Lane.

They've never seen Aunt Mary's Field,

Nor trespassed by the Butt;

They've never walked the Pan-cake Hill

Nor played beneath the Cut.

They've never hear of Brassett's Fence

Nor gleaned on Luckett's Farm;

If they only glance at Wolverton

They're missing all its charm.

This poem was discovered by Joan and her sister. It was found amongst their mother's possessions after she had passed away. It was originally printed in the Wolverton Express about 1943.

It is about the view of Wolverton seen by train passengers.

It was written by Beattrice Hall and her sister Hettie.

It is interesting to discover that three of the places mentioned actually boarders Greenleys.

These places are: Happy Morn, Brassetts Fence and Luckett's Farm.

Happy Morm is to the North of Greenleys just off the double roundabout on the Wolverton/Stratford Rd. Brassett's Fence is on the West side, the last parts of the allotments that are left. Luckett's Farm bordered the Southern edge of Greenleys.

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