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This is Joan French who was born in Wolverton in 1926. She has many memories of the allotments because both her father and her grandfather had allotments before the development of Greenleys many years ago. And later on Joan and her husband had allotments too.

"I remember the land as a fun place for children and a work place for parents. We didn't need to buy any produce like vegetables and fruits. All the fruits were bottled and jarred and all the vegetables, the carrots for instance, were buried in the sand. The potatoes kept down the cellar. Apples and fruit were preserved and also kept fresh. We just didn't lack for anything like that."

Lots of fun was in the Autumn. You needed bomfires, they were a necessity. The onions and potatoes popped underneath were just fun.

I remember the carrots in the spring. I've never tasted carrots as good as those. You just pull them young from the ground, wipe them on the grass and eat them. There was no harm at all.

We had all the fruit we could need. There were several varieties of eating apples, cooking apples, plums, pears and soft fruits.

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