Greenleys First School.

Life at Greenleys 1st School at the beginning.

In January 1975 the building of Greenleys 1st school was completed and ready to be used by the children of Greenleys and surrounding estates.
Excited pupils and staff on their first day at Greenleys 1st School.
Mrs. Havards early memories of Greenleys 1st School.
Mrs. Carol Law remembers those very happy early days at their new school.

"It was very exciting to move into our new school in January 1975. This was our real school and it was a complete contrast to our previous home because everything was clean and bright and brand new. Outside the building and all round Greenleys seemed like a sea of mud.

There was building going on everywhere and no proper roads or pavements to walk on. Keeping the inside of our school clean was very difficult because of the mud so every morning we covered the floors just inside the doors with large sheets of cardboard which the builders gave us. All dirty footwear was taken off on the cardboard and carried to the cloakrooms and the dirty card was thrown away. As Greenleys the estate was developing and new families were arriving Greenleys 1st School grew from 18 to over 300 in less than four years.

A very proud Mrs. Law celebrating Greenleys 1st Schools 2nd birthday with staff and children.