First Residents

Nanny Cripps remembers Greenleys in 1974

"It was Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday, when I moved to Haywards Croft. There were only about three or four families there in the first week. It was very cold and the central heating didn't work. We had to wait until the following Tuesday to get it working as it was holiday time. On another occasion we woke to find cows in the garden and walking along Field Lane. They had wandered off from the farm on Wolverton Mill - they were closely followed by the Police and farmer trying to round them up.

When I moved to Greenleys in 1974 the only Croft that was ready was Haywards so all around building work was going on. About six weeks later Pinders Croft was next to be finished. Closes like Akerman, Tillman and Plowman were still being built.

At first there were no shops, Doctors Surgeries or Schools. We had to go to Wolverton or Stony Stratford to do our shopping. Children attended Wyvern First School or Bushfield Middle School in Wolverton.

When Pinders Croft was finished the bottom flat. no.25 plus two garage areas, were used to make a temporary shop. This was opened in August 1974 by Sheila and Jon Fisher from Deanshanger and they lived in the flat above the shop no.26. No. 1 Pinders Croft became the temporary doctor's surgery . The rest of the Crofts were soon finished and lived in.

The temporary shop was used until the shopping area was built about five years later. Sheila and Jon Fisher then moved back to Deanshanger. The shop now called M&W was called 7-11 when it first opened. The temporary shop, no.25 Pinders Croft, was converted back to a flat and garages again. The Health Centre was opened and the house on Pinders Croft was changed back to living accommodation.

Whilst the Middle School was being built there were temporary huts built for the children to attend classes.

When the boat people from Vietnam came there was a class used to teach them English. I worked at the Middle School then as a Dinner Lady and helped to clean the school in the afternoon. The language class was one of my rooms to clean and I often was often invited to their celebrations like the Chinese New Year and any parties they had.

Mrs.Alex Riley. Mrs. Sheila Wright Mrs.Pat Havard