Greenleys 1st School

The first teachers and staff at Greenleys 1st School.

The children of Greenleys were picked up by coach and taken to Wyvern where the Headteacher was Mrs. Shaw the Deputy was Mrs. Law and the only teacher at the time was Mrs. Havard who would be waiting for them.

The first midday supervisor was Mrs.Wright who worked at Greenleys 1st School from 1974 - 1975.

Mrs Carol Law remembers.

"I was deputy head in 1974 I remember sharing a classroom and 18 children with Mrs. Havard the first appointed teacher of Greenleys 1st School, we had really awful old furniture borrowed from Wyvern Schools store and the building was dreary, dark and scruffy. After we left it was altered and painted and became Wyvern Nursery".

Early memories of school life at Wyvern for Greenleys children from the first teacher Mrs.Pat Havard. Early memories from the first midday supervisor Mrs. Sheila Wright.