Greenleys 1st School

Temporary accommodation for the school children living on Greenleys.

In 1974 the Greenleys Estate was still in its very early stages of development, and the infra structure had not yet been developed.

The families ad started to arrive and the children had to go to school but Greenleys had not yet built one.

Temporary accommodation was found for them in a disused part of Wyvern school in a village neighbouring Greenleys called Wolverton.

Wyvern School was built in 1896, it is still in se today as a Day Nursery.
A memory of those early Greenleys 1st school days are recollected by an original pupil.

Linda Wright , who was six when her family moved to Greenleys from London in 1974 and who still lives on Greenleys with her family.

"Wyvern sticks in my memory because of the very high windows and concrete playground it is very old. I was glad when our new school was built on Greenleys it was nice and new and I could see out of the windows, it didn't frighten me unlike Wyvern did".