First Homes On Greenleys.

On 15th February 1974 the local paper headline read “GREENLEYS ESTATE FOR 714 FAMILIES”.
It announced that the first families would be moving into homes on Greenleys within the next 3 weeks.

Of the 715 homes 566 were available for rent ,in Crofts and 149 were for sale in Closes.

The first houses for sale were to be ready for occupation by late spring of 1974.The Closes were built in landscaped courtyards,both semi-detached and detached properties linked by thier garages,costing approximately £10,000 to £12,000 each.

The houses available for rent ranged from 1 bedroom 2 person flats to 4 bedroomed 6 person houses.They were built in terraces,planned in eleven sqares with land scaped pedestrian courtyards. Thier garage entrances were built between the two sets of houses which formed each Croft.

The paper also announced plans for a new combined school to be built by Bucks.County Council and further reported that a temporary health centre, community house and two shops were to be opened on the estate.
1,Pinders Croft. was used as the health centre and the shop used the ground floor flat 26,Pinders Croft. and garage No.1 Pinders Croft. which adjoins the back of the flat.It is believed that the community house was a temporary building to the side of Greenleys First School, although so far this is unconfirmed. Now the site is, appropriately, where the new National Childrens Home Family Centre is being built.

By the end of December 1982 tenants wre being encouraged to buy their own homes.Although Milton Keynes Development Council were to revalue thier properties in early 1983 they promised that enquiries from potentcial buyers would be dealt with at the present property value.In many cases it was cheaper to buy than to rent on Greenleys. It was unlikely to cost more than £1 a week extra.

Later, in the 90’s the Government,then with Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister, announced a Rent To Mortgage Scheme which allowed tenants to buy all or part of thier homes.The percentage which they did not purchase remained the property of M.K.D.C. initially but later passed to The Commissioners For New Towns following the winding-up of M.K.D.C.

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