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Joan's account of her feelings of the development of Greenleys.
There has been very little published on the development of Greenleys and I just have this funny feeling that maybe that was how we were. Sitting back not expecting it to happen. And when it did there wasn't very much coverage in the local paper at all. I think that was our attitute too. It was there, we knew it was there. Many of my friends now in the last 15 years , and my family, my son have moved into that area and are very happy there and they love it. And the school's there and I feel attached to that too.
The other thing was that Stacey Bushes, which lies beyond Southern Way in Wolverton, which is the road in which I live, was planned to be developed in the years 1980-81. They bought those plans forward to about the same time as Greenleys. So, for me, there was more drama in the development over my hedge than there was across at the allotments.
We had notice to vacate the plots by about 1970/72 and we were rehoused with more allotments in 1973. There was plenty of time to get our things off the allotments. It was sad to see the allotments disappear.
Dad's trees now stand in the Grounds of the Greenleys First School.

I am very much happier with grandpies allotment because I am delighted that his hut stood in the middle of the school and that my grand daughter is now at the school.