Explanation Of The Names
LAMBERTS CROFT A Lambert was a lamb-herder or shepherd.
OXMAN LANE An Oxman looked after cattle.
The street name was adopted on 26th April 1983.
PINDERS CROFT Pinder was an official who was responsible for a parish or lord’s pinfold or pound. This was an enclosure in which stray farm animals were placed or ‘in-pounded’.
PLOWMAN CLOSE This is an early spelling for the ploughman who tilled the ground in preparation for sowing.
RADMAN GROVE A Radman was a freeman who provided riding services.
The street name was adopted on 7th September 1983.
SOKEMAN CLOSE A Sokeman was a tenant holding land in ‘socage’ or on behalf of an owner.
The street name was approved on 7th September 1983.
THRESHER GROVE A Thresher separated the grain from the other parts of the plant.
The street name was adopted on 26th April 1983.
TILLMAN CLOSE A Tillman was a ploughman - see Plowman.
WAINERS CROFT Wainer originates from the Old English word ‘Wain’, meaning cart or wagon. A Wainer was therefore a maker of carts
This picture of a Close shows semi-detached houses,a road and grassed play area A Croft was built with terraced houses forming a square around a very safe, grassed ,play area.