The pupils at present attending Greenleys Middle School were asked to take part in a survey as part of the year 2000 celebrations, which also co-incided with 25 years of both the First and Middle Schools being built. They were asked a variety of questions about thier personal details, their families, and thier favourite things.We also asked each pupil what development they would like to see in thier local area of Greenleys.

The survey provides an overall view of the pupils attending the school and as over 65% of pupils were born in Milton Keynes it will be an interesting study to repeat the Questionnaire on a regular basis.

Approximately 27% of pupils are only children ,while 44% have a brother or sister. Generally the Parents work in unskilled occupations, 20% of Fathers work in skilled jobs and 10% in semi-skilled jobs. However none of the Mothers are in skilled occupations but 15% work in semi-skilled jobs.30% of both Mothers and Fathers do unskilled work.

Football is the most popular Game or Sport and features heavily in the most popular Sport, Game,Outdoor Activity , and Entertainment questions.It is almost equally liked by boys and girls.

Most of the pupils listen to the Local Radio Station and the most popular Newspaper is The Sun.

Most children like a Sports Car but 4x4's were also popular.

In school the most popular subject is Mathematics and they also like going on trips arranged by the school.

We asked the children for suggestions for Future Development of thier local area. Parks, Play Areas and a Roller Skating Arena were suggested.An Adventure Park was a popular idea. The pupils were very aware of the envionment and demanded less litter and a cleaner place to live.

Some of the information we found on the Questionnaires is presented in a series of Graphs and Charts.

Interviews Graphs