The following sentences were given to the robbers following trials in 1964
30 Years Ronald Arthur Biggs (age 34) Now back in prison having escaped to Brazil in 1965. Douglas Gordon Goody (age 33), James Hussey (age 30), Roy John James (age 28). All released from prison in 1975. Robert Welch (age 34),Thomas William Wisbey (age 33) Released from prison in 1976. Charles Frederick Wilson (age 31) Escaped from prison in 1964 was recaptured in Canada and finally released 1977.
25 Years Brian Arthur Field (Age 29) and Leonard Dennis field (Age 31)
24 years William Gerald Boal (Age 50) died in prison in 1970
20 Years Roger John Cordrey (Age 42) Released from prison in 1971
3 Years John Denby Wheater (Age 41)
The following were still at large at the time of the main trial but were tried, convicted and sentenced later.
25 Years Bruce Richard Reynolds (Age 35) was tried in 1968 and released in 1977
!8 Years James Edward White (Age 45) was tried in 1966 and released in 1975
15 years Ronald Christopher Edwards (Age 33) was tried in 1966 and released in 1975