British Rail 1947 - 1997
Modernisation of the Station
There has always been a station at Leighton Buzzard since the Line was built. However during the years it has seen many changes the most recent being during the 1980's.
Station platforms
Station front 1989
In 1981 the first commuter express train to London was introduced. As a result it became clear by the middle of the 1980's that the 1859 station building was no longer big or modern enough to cope with the number of passengers now using it as a commuter station. Therefoe it was decided that a new station was required. In the September of 1989 the station was again being rebuilt and modernised.
During this rebuild the underpass which conected the platforms to the main station buildings was closed and a bridge over the tracks was built. Also the station building was replaced with a new modern one. This was finally completed ready to be opened in May 1992. The Marchioness of Tavistock performed the offical opening ceremony (see picture below).
Old and new station together. click on this picture to see it in greater detail
The old station being knocked down.
The new station was opened for business officially on the 20 May 1992 by the Marchioness of Tavistock
Plaque unveiled at station opening
The entrance from the station on to the platforms.
The new station fully opened. It still looks like this today.
There were also changes outside the station area as the sidings and engine sheds were all removed and a new cr park was made. This was needed to cater for the increasing numbers of commuters who wanted to use the station.
This shows the station yard and the main lines as it was before the Branch Line was closed. This photograph was taken from the footbridge.
This is the station yard as it is today . This is taken from the same place as the old photograph