British Rail 1947 - 1997
The Branch Line Then and Now
However, it is still possible today to trace the line of the old railway from Leighton Buzzard to Dunstable. The Leighton Buzzard Bypass follows the line of the railway for some way. The crossing houses still exist as does Stanbridgeford Station, as a private residence. It is hoped that part of the old line from Sewell, near Dunstable to Stanbridgeford will be opened as a cycle track. The part of the railway from Wing Crossing to Grovebury Road is open as a public footpath.
Wing Crossing Click here to hear Bill Tarbox talking about the run away trucks
This is Wing Crossing as it was when the trains were running. This is wing crossing as it is now. Two housing estates have been built where the track and signal box used to be.
Ledburn Crossing
Ledburn Crossing. the smoke from the engine is hiding the crossing keeper's house.
This is the crossing as seen from the crossing keeper's house.
This is Ledburn crossing keepers house as it is now. Again a housing estate has been built on the Line
From Ledburn Crossing to Grovebury Crossing
Entrance to the Line which is now a footpath in Mentmore Gardens housing estate. This sign is at the entrance to the path as seen left
The old bridge across the Grand Union Canal and River Ouzel The remains of the track bed on the bridge crossing the canal.
The Greenleas Lower School PTA's healthy ramble walking along the path of the old railway line from Grovebury Road to Mentmore Road May 2001.
The footpath from the canal to Grovebury crossing.